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I hope you will like these beautiful unusual handmade gifts, original art, stylish jewellery and accessories. We have things at all prices, for women, children and (occasionally!) men. There's gifts to celebrate a birthday, wedding or anniversary; we have ceramics by several makers, with vases, platters, candlesticks and lamps. We have lovely women's accessories with scarves, gloves and bags.  

I love handmade and work with independent makers from around the UK. Many items are one-off and being handmade means that no two will ever be identical – you’re buying very special items and our stock constantly changes. I also have work by small ethical companies such as Earth Squared, Artisan Life and Powder

CUSTOMER SURVEY - thank you everyone who completed the survey, and congratulations to Caron Ford Wilson who has won the draw for a £30 gift voucher.                                                                            

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